We love welcoming so many of you to our transformative experiences both online and here in Scotland
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Beltane: Maypole in the Hinterland
Dear Friends,

We love welcoming so many of you to our transformative experiences both online and here in Scotland. During these times it helps to take the time to pause and rest, ask questions and reflect on life, while deepening our connection to spirituality and nature. Next Tuesday, 12 July, we look forward to welcoming you to our eight-step core essence online programme Creating Findhorn Where You Are.

For those of you who have been waiting to experience Findhorn magic here in Scotland, we are offering two new retreats at Cluny. Cluny Retreat Weeks offer gentle rest and reconnection, while Community of Practice is an opportunity to practice love in action in a service department, for one, two or three weeks at a time.

We are delighted to be hosting Gaia Education and their European partners this week in Cluny as they continue their collaboration on the development of tools, educational platforms and curricula to support the next generation of young pioneers, who are building regenerative futures in the face of climate change. Gaia Education was founded in Findhorn in 2006, and for more than a decade Gaia Education has been working from Scotland to the world.

This weekend we welcome the wonderful energy of participants from all around the world, who are here to enjoy the Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song, 9-15 July. If you are in or near The Park, you can join individual sessions of sacred dance, global music, workshops and celebration.

There are many other ways to visit or connect with us – and we love it when you do!

Wishing you a summer filled with relaxation, connection and inspiration. May the light in our hearts nurture hope in all we meet.

With love,

Caroline Matters, Lead Steward

Coming up in July
ONLINE Creating Findhorn Where You Are – 12 July - 6 September 2022
Take an eight-step spiritual adventure of self-discovery. Meeting online every Tuesday, you’ll focus on changing your everyday routine to live a life more in harmony with nature, with each other and with spirit. Bring love, creativity, ritual and celebration into each day!

AT CLUNY Cluny Gentle Retreat Weeks – 18-23 July (multiple dates)
Community of Practice at Cluny – from 18 July (and other dates)

You’re invited to return to the deep nourishment of a revitalised Cluny on two new retreats: Cluny Gentle Retreat Weeks offer rest and reconnection, allowing you to deepen into the peace of Cluny, while Community of Practice is an opportunity to put love in action, living the community’s core practices in a service department, for one, two or three weeks at a time. We ask that you’ve completed either Experience Week or English in Community before.

AT THE PARK Digital responsibility and ethical business practice
19-22 July
Can the next 20 years of digital development be more beneficial to people and society than the last 20? Apply to join this FICS thinktank. A Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability (FICS) event.

AT CLUNY Game of Transformation – 25-29 July (and other dates)
Shortcut straight to the essence of your life, by playing this original version of the Game of Transformation. You’ll play with two guides and just five players, to understand and transform key life issues. More dates from August to October.

AT THE PARK Social Disclosure and the Universal Investor – 25-28 July
Explore strategies for future growth in corporations, which benefit all of society rather than just shareholders. Apply to join this select group. A Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability (FICS) event.
Book now for August
AT THE PARK Deepening into the garden: Park Garden Retreats 1-5 August & 29 August - 2 September
Join our team in the magical Findhorn Park Gardens to deepen your connection with the land and the plant kingdoms, during a week of inner and outer gardening.

AT THE PARK Wild Camping Retreat: Plants – 5-7 August
Come and wild camp in the woods next to the Findhorn ecovillage, on this weekend retreat from the Findhorn Hinterland Trust, with a special focus on plants of this land.

AT THE PARK Permaculture Design Certificate – 27 August - 10 September
Learn to live lightly on the Earth on this two-week certificate course on permaculture principles and design practices. A chance to study permaculture while enjoying our community!
Looking ahead!
Britta walking the spiral labyrinth in the dunes out in nature
ONLINE Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness – Wednesdays and Sundays throughout September, 7:30-9pm UK time, starting 7 September
A three-week Intensive with Britain’s leading mind-body-spirit teacher William Bloom. Connect with the wonder, energy and love that permeates the universe. A prerequisite for the Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness.
Will You Support Enlightening and Rewarding Experiences?
The strength and power of Experience Week is “Enlightening. At times challenging, rewarding and very important for all to consider.” Experience week participant.

Will you support other committed people to be challenged and enlightened through courses at the Findhorn Foundation? Contributions to our greatest need fund supports Experience Week to reach more people.
Come and stay with us!
Original garden gate: Be still and know
Make the most of the summer here in Scotland – book at break at the Findhorn Bay Holiday Park (caravans, camping, eco-pods), or create your own retreat in The Park. Our small community on the tiny west coast isle of Erraid is also welcoming guests.
Work or volunteer with us!
Can you really choose how to die?
Are you called to serve? Or know someone who is ready to do so?

If you, or someone you may know, are looking to make an impact within a spiritually oriented, mission-driven work environment, we’d love to hear from you. See our website to read the full job ads or profiles and for how to apply.
Job opportunities

  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Park Home Care Focaliser
Residential Volunteering opportunities

  • Cluny – various departments
  • Assets/Maintenance Area (The Park and Cluny-based roles)
Apply now
Whole Community Meditation
Whole Community Meditation

Wednesday 20 July at 5.15pm UK time

Join us at the Original Sanctuary site (bring a chair) or on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 944 1966 3635 /
Passcode: 592971

The Zoom room opens at 5.10pm.

We’re looking forward to meditating with all of you!

Love Craig, Dürten, Sylvia, Maureen, Jörn, Rudolf, Britta and Ann Christin.

Angel of the Month for July is Willingness
Grace Angel Card

Approach life with an open mind and a how-can-we-make-it-work attitude. Use your will skilfully to enhance the creative process rather than inhibit it.

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Have a wonderful July!

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