We are delighted by the synchronicity of the Spring Equinox, the start date of our iconic Findhorn Experience Week and the planned ending of Scotland’s legal Covid restrictions – 21 March!
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Findhorn Foundation
Join us to co-create the Magic of Findhorn
Dear Friends,

We are delighted by the synchronicity of the Spring Equinox, the start date of our iconic Findhorn Experience Week and the planned ending of Scotland’s legal Covid restrictions – 21 March! This feels like a true turning point and we have a lot to celebrate.

This year we have already opened to over 2,000 guests online and we are reopening more fully to residential workshops. In this newsletter you can see many and wonderful ways you can connect with us and experience the Magic of Findhorn with a full calendar of events from the Spring Equinox through to the end of April. For our full list visit our website.

As well as partnering with the New Findhorn Association on the Findhorn Community 60th birthday history project, we are planning a day of celebration of the Findhorn Foundation’s 50th birthday on 9 May!

Internally, we continue to build capacity in many different ways and this last week our recently appointed staff have participated in an internal Findhorn Experience Week at Cluny! We have worked very hard to prepare Cluny Hill from a standing start and look forward to welcoming you from 21 March.

As well as growing fabulous vegetables, our Cullerne Gardens site, adjacent to The Park in Findhorn, is host to our volunteering workshops and local partnership initiatives. While building on what we already have, we are nurturing emergent projects. Read a more detailed update here.

Thank you all for supporting us – in so many different ways – to stay strong in holding to our vision, purpose and meaning as we offer more and more ways to welcome you back to co-create the Magic of Findhorn, whether online or here in Scotland.


Caroline Matters
Lead Steward

Experience Week is back, Cluny is open!

Join us for our upcoming events as we celebrate reopening Cluny on 21 March. If you prefer to celebrate the Spring Equinox the Celtic way, Erraid’s Spring Equinox Retreat Week is for you!
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Findhorn Experience Week is back! It’s been loved by thousands of participants over many decades, who remember it as a significant turning point in their lives. If you’ve always wanted to visit Findhorn and enjoy its transformative magic, now is the time! It will run every two weeks throughout the year. We’d love to welcome you!
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Eldest Daughter Retreat

Starts 26 March, 4 days

With your hosts Gill Emslie, Jayn Sterland and Lisette Schuitemaker

Explore how your place in the birth order shaped you and how as an eldest daughter you may be even more of your responsible and remarkable selves. In general, eldest daughters are the responsible women, the dutiful, thoughtful, hands-on and caring ones who still wonder if they have done enough. Sound familiar? The Eldest Daughter Retreat provides a life-affirming opportunity to look at these defining qualities with other first-born women from many walks of life.
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Erraid Spring Equinox Retreat Week

Starts Saturday 19 March
The tiny Hebridean island of Erraid off the west coast of Scotland has been home to a small group of members of the Findhorn Foundation for over 40 years. Celtic Festival weeks are a long tradition in the Erraid community. As the natural world surges into spring, so we step into our own life force and reach out for what we want in ourselves and our lives.
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Shaping the Future with the Sidhe

Friday 1–28 April, online
Deepen and refine your personal practices of connection and co-creation with our Gaian cousins, the Sidhe. This four-week online conference is offered by the Lorian Association as a benefit for the Findhorn Foundation – our deepest gratitude!
We will explore how the Sidhe might partner with us to shape a positive future for Humanity and for Gaia, with presentations by David Spangler, John Matthews, Rue Hass, Søren Hauge, Ian Rees, Anne Gambling and harpist Peter Berry, facilitated by Jeremy Berg.

We have a lot going on in April if you’d like to visit us, make a break of it or simply drop in online when it suits you!
Songs of Heaven and Earth
Monday 4-8 April, Cluny HillFindhorn Experience Week (with optional deepening and integration time).

Saturday 9 April, 7-10pm, Universal Hall and livestreamedA Hare-Marked Moon with David Lascelles & Judi Alston, a Findhorn Foundation benefit event.

Monday 11-15 April, The Park – Community Week. The Park will be alive with music, storytellers, kids' activities and much more!

Easter Friday 15 April, 7-10pm, Universal Hall and livestreamed – Shift Happens! with Robert Holden, a Findhorn Foundation benefit event. Save the date and check here for updates.

Easter Weekend, Saturday 16-17 AprilSongs of Heaven and Earth.
Come and celebrate the Spirit of Comm-Unity over Easter with a glorious weekend of music and singing with Barbara Swetina, Ian Turnbull, Fabien Barouch and the Community. It’s time for rebirth, resurrection and rejuvenation, using music to heal ourselves and our world. Book the whole weekend with accommodation or individual sessions on their own.

Monday 18-21 April, Cluny HillFindhorn Experience Week (with optional deepening and integration time).

Monday 18-21 April, our gardens at Cluny, The Park and CullerneComing back to the land.
Slow down and spend a week connecting with the earth in our gardens at Cullerne, Cluny and Park Garden, where a committed team of gardeners and living educators is ready to welcome you back to the land. Join us and the nature spirits, engaging in Love in Action and Co-creating with Nature. There will also be a chance to quieten, listen and connect with yourself or other like-hearted souls. Non-residential week. Book now!

Friday 22 April, 7:30-10:30pm Universal Hall and livestreamedOur Nature Spirit Connection with Swan Treasure, a Findhorn Foundation benefit event.

Saturday 30 April, 7-9pm, Universal Hall and livestreamed – Jane Duncan Rogers and Phyllis Shacter: End of Life Talk and Q&A, a Findhorn Foundation benefit event.

Browse our full workshops and events schedule
Angel of the Month for March is Discernment
Harmony angle card

Use your sharp-sightedness to make clear distinctions and wise choices. Move forward with confidence in your inner compass.

Whole Community Meditation
Connect to our global community of practice

Whole Community Meditation
Wednesday 16 March,
5.15-5.45pm UK time

You are all welcome to join us for our 30-minute Whole Community Meditation. Here in the Northern Hemisphere spring is approaching and the invitation for all of us to hold in our hearts for our meditation is: A Vibrant Yearning – Awakening.  If you would like to join us via Zoom, please request the link from:

With Love, Craig, Dürten, Sylvia, Maureen, Jörn, Rudolf and Britta

Nature Spirit
See your image as a nature spirit
In support of the Foundation

Sacred land artist Hannah Hardy has created an unusual way to support our charity. In return for a donation to the Foundation, she will create your portrait out of objects found in nature, such as flowers, leaves, grass, petals, stones, seaweed or shells.

Please send a picture of yourself, a loved one or a pet to Hannah and request your portrait. She will create it out in nature and photograph it for you as part of her Rewilding Portrait Project.

The Great Turning
The Bold Invitation: Imagine your ideal world. The Great Turning is upon us. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible has arrived. The Mission: To commit to living life the way you have imagined it to be in your most beautiful dreams for both your own benefit and that of future generations.
Findhorn Hinterland Retreats
The hugely popular wild camping retreats, run by the Findhorn Hinterland Trust in the woods and duneland next to The Park in Findhorn, will start again in May! Camp in the company of the elements and enjoy meals alfresco around the fire. You'll have quiet time and sharing space as you explore the land and landscapes of the soul. Choose from weekend retreats (13-15 May, 5-7 August), seven-night retreats (2-9 July, 3-10 September) and specialist themed weekends with community experts on topics such as biodiversity (10-12 June) and wildlife tracking (30 September-2 October).
Universal Hall
As light and liveliness returns to our part of the world, book online with Universal Hall Promotions for:
Indie music – Blue Rose Code, 13 March
Theatre/Music/Dance – Hebridean Treasure, 19 March; Rowan Rheingans: Dispatches on the Red Dress, 24 March
Film – The French Dispatch, 25 March

For all of our events and workshops, please visit our website.
Wishing you a wonderful March!

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