We are re-opening Cluny, with Experience Week starting on 21 March
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Dear Friends

We have good news! We are reopening Cluny, with Experience Week starting on 21 March, with add-on programmes available for guests who would like an opportunity for deepening and integrating their experience. The joy and gratitude we feel as we reopen The Park, Cluny, Iona and Erraid to guests and participants is echoed throughout our local and global community.

As we welcome you back, be assured we will continue to have Covid regulations and health and safety measures in place to make your visit a safe, as well as a transformative, one.

This February we are excited to welcome you to our four-month long online experience Creating Findhorn Where You Are. Britta, one of the programme facilitators, will tell you a little bit more about the journey in this YouTube video. To see our full list of programmes on offer, visit our website.

We look forward to co-creating the Magic of Findhorn with you – whether in-person or online – and strengthening our global network of light together.

Caroline Matters
Lead Steward

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William Bloom, a close friend of the Findhorn Foundation, will guide us through the core concepts and practices for cooperating with this realm. His approach in this inspirational and experiential presentation will be relevant to all aspects of your life — health care, relationships, gardening, arts, work, landscape, community building, home and spiritual development.
Creating Findhorn where you are image
Creating Findhorn Where You Are

Starting Monday 28 February
A four-month Online Course, walking together through eight steps that connect you with the Findhorn Foundation and helping you thrive in the world, wherever you are. Findhorn exists to help each one of us find our path and walk in it.

This course starts on the 28th of February, running every Monday 3-5pm for 16 weeks until the 13th of June.

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Welcome back to Findhorn Foundation Experience Week, a workshop that’s been loved by thousands of participants over many decades, who remember it as a significant turning point in their lives. We have optional add-on programmes available if you would like to deepen and integrate your transformative experience.

Over five days we offer you the opportunity to be part of our community life and deepen your connection to yourself, spirit, nature and your group whilst immersing yourself in the stunning beauty of Scotland.

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Eldest Daughter Retreat,

Starts 26 March, 4 days

With your hosts Gill Emslie, Jayn Sterland and Lisette Schuitemaker

In general, eldest daughters are the responsible women, the dutiful, thoughtful, hands-on and caring ones who still wonder if they have done enough. Sound familiar?

The Eldest Daughter Retreat provides a life-affirming opportunity to look at these defining qualities with other first-born women from many walks of life – and explore how you may be even more of your responsible and remarkable self.

Erraid image of beach
The tiny Hebridean island of Erraid off the west coast of Scotland has been home to a small group of members of the Findhorn Foundation for over 40 years. Living life on a remote Scottish island brings us to the forefront of experiencing nature at its rawest, which allows us to hold a deeper connection to the land, the ocean, the weather and the spirit that encompasses us all. We invite you to join us as remote Scottish island custodians for one or more weeks, where you can experience nature at its rawest and spend time working, celebrating and meditating alongside us in a sense of openness, honesty and appreciation.
Angel of the Month for February is Harmony
Harmony angle card

Listen to the highest rhythm of all the elements and bring them into concert with your essential nature. Conduct your life accordingly.

Connect to our global community of practice

Whole Community Meditation
Wednesday 16 February,
5.15-5.45 UK time

You are all welcome to join us for our 30-minute Whole Community Meditation. Here in the Northern Hemisphere spring is approaching and the invitation for all of us to hold in our hearts for our meditation is: A Vibrant Yearning – Awakening.  If you would like to join us via Zoom, please request the link from:

With Love, Craig, Dürten, Sylvia, Maureen, Jörn, Rudolf and Britta

Findhorn Foundation on the BBC

Great Coastal Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo
Episode 7 of the series, 'Cullen to Cawdor' was shown on BBC2 on Tuesday 1 February at 6:30pm.

There were four segments on the show, Cullen, Cawdor, Fort George and Findhorn. If you live in the UK, you can watch the replay on
BBC iPlayer.

The Great Turning

Findhorn Foundation Partnership projects

The Great Turning Experiment – starts Wednesday 16 March
The Bold Invitation: Imagine your ideal world. The Great Turning is upon us. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible has arrived. The Mission: To commit to living life the way you have imagined it to be in your most beautiful dreams for both your own benefit and that of future generations.
For all of our events and programmes, please visit our website.
Wishing you a wonderful February!

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