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Together we can co-create a better world!
Join our workshops, online courses, or retreats

Beltane: Maypole in the Hinterland
Dear Friends,

This last weekend saw joyful Beltane celebrations in The Park community here in Findhorn, Scotland. Beltane – and the period that follows up to the Summer Solstice – is a time to burn away what is not needed, and to tend to the potential that seeks its expression within our own lives and the life of the world around us.

Last Sunday we celebrated the deeper meaning of the ancient festival, with Spirit of Iona: Beltane. Led by Katherine Collis and guests, we were joined online by a sacred circle of friends to begin a journey of noticing what the Earth and the Spirit of Iona can teach us in these times. The next session – Spirit of Iona: Summer Solstice – is on 19 June.

On 12 July we are delighted to launch an 8-week online version of our well-received Creating Findhorn Where You Are online core essence course. Participants are reporting a deeper connection to Spirit, integrating new practices into their daily lives, and experiencing a profound sense of sharing, belonging and inspiration.

We are warmly inviting all who have been part of the Foundation’s 50-year journey to join us for our celebrations next Monday 9 May – scroll down to find out more or to book your place.

Our iconic Experience Week retreat continues to be held regularly at Cluny, and we have in these last few weeks welcomed several groups to The Park, Cullerne and Cluny and look forward to welcoming you this Summer!

We are very grateful to be a part of a local and global Network of Light that recognises and nourishes the sacred in all of life. Together with people like you, we are co-creating a better world by dedicating our energy to embodying and expressing limitless love and truth – and creating spaces for others to do the same.

With love,

Caroline Matters, Lead Steward

Join us online!

Summer Solstice

Spirit of Iona: Summer Solstice

19 June 2022, 4-6.30pm UK time
You are wholeheartedly invited to join Katherine Collis, special guests and our worldwide Findhorn family on our online journey of pilgrimage into the heart of Celtic spirituality, celebrating the Summer Solstice together.
This is an opportunity for you to awaken more fully, see in new ways, develop different approaches to daily living and discover yourself as a source of healing and blessing – revealing the beauty of our true selves. This is one of eight Spirit of Iona sessions celebrating the Celtic, equinox and solstice festivals throughout the year.

Labyrinth Walking Meditation

Creating Findhorn Where You Are

12th July to 30th August 2022, Tuesdays, 7-9pm (UK time) on Zoom
An 8-week online journey, walking together through eight steps that connect you with the essence of the Findhorn Foundation and help you to thrive in the world, wherever you are.
Online Participant Ann
I Feel SOOO Much Better

I've made a few changes in stepping away from the routine and beginning to feel SOOO much better for the small, simple lifestyle changes… The birdsong is glorious and the scent of the Devon countryside is very grounding. Head clearer, feel more energised, and becoming clearer where I need to let go and where I will put my time and energy.

Ann, online participant on the Creating Findhorn Where You Are course.

The faith and heartfelt support of people like you changed Ann’s life. Thank you. Please donate now to help more people like Ann to feel clearer and more energised through our online courses.

Secrets of spiritual health and happiness with William Bloom

6x 90 minute sessions 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25 September
Spiritual health and happiness — is different from material health and happiness. It is an inner experience of strength, optimism and peace, whatever your situation or circumstances. This deep-rooted inner attitude then spreads out into your general wellbeing — physical and mental. This intensive is the entry module to a qualification in the Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness, the UK’s pioneering accredited vocational course in spirituality and wellbeing.
Join us in Scotland

Coming up at Cluny!

Cluny Hill

Cluny Retreat Weeks, and Community of Practice
There will soon be two ways to return to the embrace of community at Cluny – please watch our website for details! Cluny Retreat Weeks will offer restful space to integrate your Experience Week time, or simply relax in beauty and peace. Community of Practice – a week or even longer – offers time in loving service at Cluny, focusing on the transformative experience of work as love in action in a supportive, heart-centred environment. You’ll be part of the daily life of a Living Education Service department, along with education and sharing, living the three community practices every day.
You can of course always join us at Cluny for our iconic Findhorn Experience Week – a transformative week in our pioneering community, to explore deeper purpose and meaning in your life.
Coming up in the Park
Findhorn Hinterland Retreats

Wild Camping Retreats

13-15 May, Hinterland
Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature as you camp in the woodlands next to The Park, sharing soul wisdom and stories with like-minded campers. Findhorn Hinterland Trust, a partner of the Foundation, is running a series of weekends and week-long retreats from now until October, including specialist weekends on biodiversity and plants.
Original garden gate: Be still and know

Deepening into the garden: A Park Garden Retreat

23 - 27 May &
29 August - 2 September,
The Park, Findhorn

A unique opportunity to do some inner and outer gardening! Join the Park Garden Team on this week-long retreat as they tend the land around The Park and in the Original Garden, while going on an inner nurturing journey of self-awareness and care.

Trauma Informed Leadership & Organisational Vitality

Trauma-informed Leadership and Organisational Vitality

25 June - 8 August, The Park Findhorn

Explore individual, collective and ancestral trauma and how it impacts on our vitality and capacity to innovate. In this highly experiential workshop, expert facilitators Robin Alfred and Kosha Joubert will help you cultivate the skills to respond more effectively to stress and challenges.

Park Garden
Permaculture Design Certificate Course

25 June - 8 August, The Park Findhorn

Spend two hands-on weeks learning the principles and practices of Permaculture Design, such as getting maximum yield for minimum effort, which can be applied to all systems, not simply the land. This is a great opportunity to become a certified permaculture designer while exploring living in community.

Work or volunteer with us!
Can you really choose how to die?
Are you called to serve? Or know someone who is ready to do so?

If you, or someone you may know, are looking to make an impact within a spiritually oriented, mission- driven work environment, we’d love to hear from you. See our website to read the full job ads or profiles and for how to apply.
Job opportunities

  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Lead
  • Cluny Focaliser
  • Cluny Homecare Focaliser
Residential Volunteering opportunities

  • Cluny Home Care
  • Cluny (various service departments)
  • Assets/Maintenance Area (The Park and Cluny based roles)
  • Cullerne Gardens
Findhorn Foundations 30th birthday 1992

Celebrate the Foundation’s 50th birthday!

Monday 9 May, from 7pm UK time, Universal Hall and on Zoom
We are celebrating 50 years since the Findhorn Foundation officially came into being as a spiritual education charity. In deep appreciation of your connection with the Foundation, we would truly love you to join us for a meditation led by Judy McAllister, followed by celebratory drinks and a screening of the BBC Mainly Magnus documentary, made in 1973.
Please book for this free event (for catering or so we can send the Zoom link).
Study from home at your own pace with our partners

Ruby Wax: Mindfulness Guide for Survival
Explore how to use mindfulness in your everyday life.
Gene Keys: The Art of Contemplation
Step-by-step resources to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, for deep calm and clarity.
Whole Community Meditation
Whole Community Meditation

Wednesday 18 May,
5.15 UK time, Universal Hall and on Zoom

You are all welcome to join us for our 30-minute Whole Community Meditation.
If you would like to join us via Zoom, please request the link here:

With Love, Craig, Dürten, Sylvia, Maureen, Jörn, Rudolf and Britta

Angel of the Month for May is Clarity
Grace Angel Card

Clear your perceptions free of confusion. Focus on intent and straightforward expression. See the world as it is without your projections, judgments and assumptions.

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Heart-shaped forget-me-nots

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